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Oreler fit is a workout progress tracker app

We provide a platform to manage and track your fitness life digitally. This app not only helps absolute beginners, but it is also incredibly useful for the experienced too. You can find a premade workout plan or completely customize your own. With every workout, you can track your sets, reps, weight, cardio time, distance travelled, rest timers, and much more. Every detail is tracked, calculated and interpreted to provide you with detailed metrics.

Long story short, our goal is to improve the fitness life.


What we do

Discover workout plans
Exercise library
Powerful stats & metrics
Workout player
Track map
Integreated tools
Body tracker

Oreler fitPro

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  • Shared workout plans
  • Premade workout plans
  • Create custom workout plans
  • Workout planner
  • 5-3-1 workouts that change weekly
  • Google map automatic Tracker for your walks, jogs, runs and more
  • Automatic Workout Player to guide and track your workouts
  • View active workout in notifications
  • Manually log a workout
  • View the top 3 targetted muscles for every workout
  • View the required equipment for every workout
  • Calculated statistics & metrics to show your personal progress
  • Growing exercise database
  • Superset exercises
  • Body Tracker - keep track of all your body measurements
  • Keep notes for every exercise and workout
  • Automatic plate calculator
  • Complete automatic cloud backup and restore to ensure all progress stays with you
  • Support for Imperial (lbs) and Metric (kg) units
  • 95% of the app works offline
  • Ad Free


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